Genetic Psychology

The Department of Genetic Psychology was established in October 2013 (Chair: Professor Robert Kumsta). We are interested in how genetic and environmental factors work together to shape the course of human development. A particular focus of our research concerns the long-term consequences of exposures to adverse childhood experiences, such as abuse and neglect or growing up in institutions.

Using a range of methods, including the study of genetic variation, gene expression patterns and epigenetics, as well as the characterization of stress physiology, we are trying to understand how psychosocial experiences become biologically embedded and influence developmental trajectories and outcomes across the life-span.


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Our group from LTR: Dr. Dirk Moser, Vanessa Vogel, Dr. Nikola Nowack-Weyers,
Lara Kubiak, Leonard Frach, Heike Berzio, Svenja Müller, Annika Mühlenkamp,
Katharina Mattonet, Annett Gustrau, Susanne-Xiaochen Cui, Prof. Dr. Robert Kumsta, Elisabeth Hummel

The research colloquium for the winter term 2020/21 is online!

Good stress, bad stress (news article, RUBIN)


Genetic Psychology
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